Vision and Mission

Holy Cross Primary endeavours to develop Christian leaders who will be an influence for good in society.

Our aim is to provide students with positive attitudes and a love of learning, so that they will be flexible, adaptable, lifelong learners.

We value:

  • a safe, secure learning environment - a place where there is freedom, love and respect for each individual
  • a Collaborative Culture
  • learning as a construction of meaning
  • a curriculum which is relevant, interesting and enjoyable -engaging children in reflection, risk taking, problem solving, decision making and creative thinking.
  • Our School Motto
  • Learning Together

Our School Song

This Holy Cross by Andrew Chinn
This Holy Cross, this tree of life
A sign of love, of sacrifice
This Holy Cross is not the end
New life, new hope, a call to grow again

(1) This lonely cross on Calvary
Where Jesus died for you and me
But from this cross new life would come
When Jesus rose and called us to be one

(2) From this cross seeds of life were sewn
Like vines of one branch, they did grow
We are the vines of this tree
All joined in peace, in love and unity

(3) This cross it shines for all the world
A ray of hope, of God’s living Word
This light it shines every day
A light of love, showing us the way

(4) Around this Holy Cross, we all stand
A circle of love, hand in hand
A circle of life, with room for all
Together as one we are called