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Our Learning Spaces

The learning spaces at Holy Cross reflect our commitment to the multiple intelligences and co-operative learning. There are displays of student work with annotations by both students and teachers, reflecting the students’ learning and celebrating their efforts.

 A tour of our learning spaces shows students:

  • working in small groups taking on different roles e.g. reporter, scribe, coach, gopher, artist
  • actively engaged in discussions, problem-solving activities, games, experimenting and testing theories, using technology and using a wide range of resources
  • working together on a single product
  • working in the different areas of intelligence
  • engaging with technology
  • working independently, with a partner, and as part of a larger group depending on the activity that is being engaged in

 Within all learning spaces teachers can be seen:

  • working together in shared learning spaces
  • facilitating and monitoring general group activities
  • explicitly modeling and teaching skills to a small group
  • planning the next learning experience for students

Within all learning spaces other adults, including parents can be seen:

  • facilitating student learning by supervising small groups
  • participating in student learning opportunities
  • sharing their expert skills as artisans, musicians, storytellers, athletes

Within our learning spaces students and teachers can be heard:

  • using the language of co-operative learning, in particular, the KISSES model and School Agreements
  • communicating their learning through questioning, justifying and clarifying
  • celebrating and encouraging each other in their learning and achievements
  • reflecting on and processing their work and the way they work
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